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How did this group start?

This group started thanks to the previous founder :iconmeriamfunland1999:. She, along with :iconcartuneslover16: and :iconyaoifangal13: were the original founder and co-founders to this group.

How did this pairing start?

The current founder, :iconcartuneslover16: did a crossover story a few years back that had interactions between Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle. People that read the chapters liked the interaction between them, and a liking to this pairing grew. She did a few artwork for the pair, whether it was to cover a scene from her story, or a different kind of project she was doing that mentioned how much people liked the idea of Mordecai being paired with Twilight. These are the following links to the story that introduced the pair:………

Doesn't Mordecai hate unicorns? Why would he like Twilight?

We are aware of the "Unicorns Have Got To Go" episode on Regular Show, but last I checked, Twilight isn't like those Fraticorns, (Frat boy Unicorns). And in all honesty, would you really hate this face? :iconcutetwilightplz:

Doesn't it seem weird that your pairing a bird with a horse?

There has been stranger pairings out there, whether it's related to My Little Pony, or not. I don't know how this one's the weirdest.

You do know that both Twilight and Mordecai have their own love interests, right?

Yes, we are aware that Twilight had a crush on Flash Sentry from the Equestria Girls movie, and we know of Mordecai's relationship with Margaret, and his, soon to be, new girlfriend in CJ. This group is for fun, and if you take the shows that seriously just to bash this group, I'm sorry for you.

Why would Twilight want to date a total slacker like Mordecai?

True, Mordecai is a slacker, but he is still responsible, he risked his own life to get the last of the chairs so that he could prove he wasn't a slacker. If you want to talk about a total slacker, his name is Rigby; I mean come on, the guy hired someone to do his jobs so he could slack off. As for Twilight, after that whole "Lesson Zero" incident, I would think she would NEED a guy like Mordecai. It's one thing to be great at what you do, but you can't take the littlest things so seriously, like missing a deadline for a letter that Celestia doesn't need. He would be the kind of guy to balance her out, just like she would be the kind of girl to balance him out.

Group Info

We went around the world and took these two in a couple. You do the maths.

For anyone that's curious, about the group, follow the link:…
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Oct 24, 2011


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First off, I'd like to thank all who have taken this quiz, I hope you had fun, and not so much head-scratching. :D As for those who couldn't take it before the deadline, you still have #2 to study for. ;)

1. It made her hair grow, completely covering her like a shaggy dog. AKA Hairity.

2. Gilda used her tail like a snake in a bushel of apples to frighten Granny Smith, causing the old mare to "run".

3. Cutie Mark Crusaders

4. *Okay, there was more than one answer for this, meaning not just Rainbow Dash but EACH of the Mane 6:

Twilight Sparkle: She did a very powerful spell to hatch Spike. Applejack: She returned home after moving to the city cause she loved the farm-life better. Rarity: She found a rock full of gems. Pinkie Pie: She cheered up her family with a party. Fluttershy: She befriended the animals. Rainbow Dash: She did a sonic rainboom. :iconarrowleftplz: This question was worth a lot of points, and most only got the one...

5. False

6. False

7. False

8. *Answers vary, so everyone got full points for this. I see a lot about Derpy. :XD:

9. Twilight Time (I should have also added "second speaking role".)

10. Daisy. (I said PONY, not ZEBRA...).

11. False (I should have said "through the four seasons" ^^;).

12. Gustav le Grand; French.

13. False

14. Zipperwhill (this question was worth the MOST points).

15. False (sorry shippers...)

16. Weird Al. :)

17. No.

18. Weather Mare (you still got the answer right if it was anything that sounded related to that).

19. *Answers vary, so everyone who did this question gets all the points. ;)

20. A necklace.

I'm going to tally up the points for all who had taken the quiz, and we'll see who are the top winners for the first quiz. Now I suggest going back to YouTube and watch all the episodes again when the next quiz arrives; I highly suggest watching some Regular Show as well, because you never know if it's going to be a cumulative test. ;)
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