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Submitted on
August 21, 2013


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Good evening everyone, everypony, fans of the group. It's me :iconcadetotheendftw: And I would like to apologize for the delay of the contest.

Now then, as you seen the title above, it is time for a contest :iconfluttershyyayplz:

But it is a contest that we haven't done sense last Summer. A fanfic contest. :iconoooohplz: That is right people, a FANFIC CONTEST WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Now then, sorry for the yelling, the theme of the contest is going to be.... a clop fanfic :iconclopplz: That is right ladies and gentlemen, a clopfic......

But there is just one problem... it's Opposite Day. :iconrainbowdashlaughplz: Sorry folks who are into clopfics, maybe next time. (if I have permission that is)

Now then the real contest theme. The theme is going to be a Wedding theme. That's right, I wanted to do a wedding fanfic contest sense the I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and I thought to myself 'why not?'

And this is going to be my second time hosting a contest since the last one i did, didn't turn out so good ^^;

Ok and the lucky bride and groom will be, you guessed it, :iconmordecaiplz: :heart: :icontwilightsparkleplz: (tried to find a happier emoticon but can't remember)

Yes, now then the setting will be either in Canterlot, Ponyville, The Park from Regular Show, or anywhere of your choosing.

Ok time for the plot :iconplotplz: rofl no not THAT kind of plot, but the other plot in a story. Okay the plot is going to take place after :iconcartuneslover16: fanfic "Chaotic Order" (and if you haven't read it, you might want to read it first… ok and everything is going to plan and it will be a beautiful ceremony, but than someone (either a human, pony, an individual, a group or something like that.... a villain maybe, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfiriend, lover, etc) kidnaps either Twilight, Mordecai, best man or best mare, a friend, friends, family member, example, if Gilda kidnaps RD and the only way to save her is for the wedding to be cancelled and Mordecai and Twilight can never get married, etc (anyone you want) (example, if Twilight gets taken then Mordecai saves (or tries) her and the same thing goes in Twilight's situation. (oh and Twilight can either be an alicorn or not) You can use any of the characters in :iconcartuneslover16: fanfics (just make sure to give credit to her and the creators of the character she used) OC's are acceptable.

It would be great if the contestants use either one or more of their OC's in this

Now then here are the rules. The fanfic and can be as long as you want. If it is short and short, but it must be at least a decent story; this would count as a C. If it is better and has more detail and good writing, then a B. And if it is like :iconcartuneslover16: fanfics, then it is an A. But you know what, it doesn't matter if it sucks or not, as long as it is readable and understandable. But this is a contest so I won't go for favoritism.  Thanks to a chat I had with :iconcartuneslover16: a week ago, the fanfic can be mature :iconbisonyesplz: I know some of you won't like that since some prefer it to be innocent and whatnots but in some cases it won't be peaches and cream. Sorry but that is the truth.

But since I don't want to argue with anyone about the rating (not that I don't mind) I decided to rate the fanfic contest. In other words, you can do it in either Rate G (like in the old Disney movie) Rated PG, Rated T (with adult language, violence and adult content) and Rated M

Now I must warn you, if anyone is going to do a M rated fanfic, please follow these regulations: You can not, repeat NOT have a rape scene. That is the number one priority. Since many would think 'oh since we can do a rated M fanfic then lets have a rape scene in it.' Sorry but :iconfluttershynoplz: However, there can be an attempt rape like, for example, Twilight or one of her friends, or Mordecai and his female friends, gets kidnap and they are about to get rape; the same thing goes for the OC's whether male or female (oh and male's can get raped but in this case, they might get attempted rape). Something like that, you get me right? Ok if you have any questions about this part please note me.

Ok moving on, you can have sexual content in this. Like grabbing and touching, in a romantic scene. Ok this is optional, you can have a sex scene in this, but ONLY if you want. And if you are, you can add it after you finish with the fanfic, like an epilogue, on their honey moon.

Nudity is also allowed.

Another rule, you can have fights and blood scene. Gore yes. I know there are those who want to have that in a fanfic like this, especially in a group like these where there is still tension :iconhurrplz: So enjoy! :D

Language is acceptable (but not racial or gender discrimination. I won't tolerate that :iconseriousfaceplz:

Ok that takes care of that issue.

The fanfic can be either one-shots (if it is than it must be either a long one or short one and to the point), a few chapters, or long chapters.

If it is rated T, then minor blood, language and sexual content.

Rated G or PG, bit of blood, language and the only sexual content would be kissing.

Now I will be entering the contest and lets hope that members, Co-Founders, and the new Founder, will join this contest. The winner of the contest will have their OC(s) be part of my mega-crossover fanfic. (if only I was an artist then I would have drawn a fanart for the winner :iconraritycryplz: )

The judges will be me and hopefully the other Co-Founders.

The contest will begins now and it will run through September 30. That should be enough time (hopefully) and the reason why it is a little bit longer than a month is because many are already in school, or will be returning to school in the Fall, like me, and won't have much free time; not just me but for everyone. And if we need more time, I will add a few more weeks.

Oh and I forgot to add one more thing, the contestants MUST have a picture of the wedding scene (at least one or more if you like) But if your are not an artist, like me, then you don't have to. Unless if your an artist or a beginner but ONLY if you want to, then go for it. You don't have to. Your choice.

Now for the OC(s), if your a good drawer  then draw a pic of them so that we know what they look like. But if you cannot draw or you do but don't want to show them, then describe them and what they look like. Their personality, etc.

Ok, that is all and hopefully everyone will be responsible with this fanfic and follow the rules , especially about the Rated M rules; and the examples as well. Feel free to leave your comments and have any questions, either note me or right them down on the comment box and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Okay that's it and start writing people.

Good luck.
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Appimena Sep 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
May i join this contest ?
Nolannilestheletter Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Do what you want guys. I won't be participating because from what I've learnt reading a shitty Harry Potter pregnancy fanfic is that being a fanfiction writer is the equivalent of being a stripper.
Uh how is being a fanfiction writer equivalent to being a stripper? :iconquestionmarkplz:
Nolannilestheletter Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Well, for every good fanfiction theres always gonna be a thousand bad ones. Take oop S daisy for example…




Look, if you like fanfiction and writing it, that's fine. Its just not for me anymore.


Yeah, that's was horrible. There was hardly any detail or support. I see what you mean...

Ok :)
Nolannilestheletter Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Not to mention Jeanie and Draco are beyond out of character. Jeanie is organized and well supportive of herself. She'd never have a one night stand with a guy who openly despises her and her family. Draco is also OOC because #1 Why would he have sex with Ron's sister when he openly despises Ron and #2 Why would he be supportive of Jeanie and not at all question if she's just playing him for money? Those are just a few things in this story of fecal matter.
Ok, well I don't know the characters of the story, so I'm gonna go with ok.
Is that the one with Snape?
Nolannilestheletter Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Its the one where Ron's little sis Jeanie gets knocked up by Draco and of course Draco becomes her boyfriend after a one night drunken stand
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