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December 14, 2012


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Today, something horrific happened earlier. Some of you might have already know this but for those who still don't since its been all over the news since the morning. On Friday December 14, 2012 in Newtown Connecticut, a gunman in which was identified as Adam Lanza, went to the school named Sandy Hook Elementary, went to a classroom, fired and killed 20 children, killed 6 adults, his mother and finally himself. His mother was first to die.

Investigators are saying that he killed his mother first, took her car along with 3 guns in which the mother purchases, went to the school and began his senseless rampage. But others are saying that he went to the school fully loaded and armored, went to the school, shot his mother and killed the students and went to the office, killed 6 adults, including the principle and finally himself.

The students were between the ages of 5-10, Pre-K and 4th grade. It...was unfair. The fucked up part was that it was two weeks away from Christmas, they were all happy and celebrate Christmas....but now.......... :iconraritycryplz:

The President made a statement this afternoon after the shooting. He became emotional during the speech and wiped the tears that were coming out. He managed to keep it together through his speech and after his speech he left the podium with no questions. He just left. Here is the video…

Now then, my thoughts......Unfair. Yes unfair. They were innocent kids, had nothing to do with it, what was his reason? So many questions and I will be covering this story throughout the weekend through the news from TV, online, where ever.

Lets just take a moment of silence for the families who's children are not coming home this Christmas. In the church in Newtown, hundreds attended and began singing "Silent Night". Now I would write the song down but the video that has the lyrics is not working so you can sing it or type it down. But lets just take a moment of silence and pray to the families and to the fallen children and adults of the shooting and may the shooter be rot and tortured in hell.

President Obama issued the order to lower the flag to half staff through out the world that has any American Embassies, Military bases, overseas.

Now then, sadly, nowhere is safe. There can be more security but lets be honest, no where is safe and there is never a 100% safe plan or something. And its the ugly truth but we can try to prevent more from something like this from happening.

Now then, lets pray and hope that the families get better soon but we all know that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Share your thoughts and respects.
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Last night this hurt me. I cried cuz I was worried that my 5 year old sis's elementary school will get invaded like this :( It just...hurt because all the gifts wrapped, and some families won't get to see the joy of those poor kids :(
But let's thank a boy who saved people.
Seriously, when that guy came in the class, a six year old boy had the smarts and grabbed every buddy and staff member he could grab and hid in the bathroom. Let's thank him and the Lord for making him to do it. He's a hero :)
:iconsaluteplz: that kid is awsume.
natedeanmaan Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I salute that kid for stepping up and being a hero. :iconsaluteplz:
I know. He was in an interview, and he said the gun the guy was using sounded like dropping cans :I
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